Friday, April 17, 2015

Bumpdate Weeks 23-28

Scroll to the bottom if you want to see a bump pic from each week starting at week 4 to week 28.
Week 23, March 4th-March 10th, 2015

How I am feeling: I feel like I really popped this week since last week on our trip I wore a coat and fleece the whole time now when I look down I can't believe how big I am. I heard lots of comments at school about how much I grew over the break. I think the baby also flipped because I can feel more pressure than I used to.

This is the week I would have given the Friends episode title of "The One with All the Feelings!" Yowza! One night Jake couldn't do anything right and I was snapping left and right. The next morning at school I was telling Chelsea about it, she is one of the other math teachers, and she asked if I thought it was my hormones and until then that hadn't even crossed my mind. I asked Jake on gchat if he thought it was that and he said absolutely but he wasn't about to tell me that. Smart man!
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: Before bed one night Jake started wiggling/tapping on my belly and Baker (just a nickname - we still don't know the gender) started playing back. I typically don't feel much kicking while I'm falling asleep but this seemed like a little glimpse into the future of the two of them picking on me. We both kept laughing. Jake can't wait for the baby to get here so he can play with it.
Size of the Baby: 11.5 inches, Large Mango, 1.1 lb
What is the Baby up to this Week:  The baby is probably quite active by now. It might even be possible to see the movements on the surface of my skin. The baby is more proportioned from head size to the rest of the body and is looking more like a newborn.
Best Moment this Week: Jake playing with Baker.
Food Cravings: Butterscotch chips
What I Miss: Not much
Most Looking Forward To: Going home for the showers and seeing friends.
Thankful for: Safe trip and flights on our last trip.
Weight Gain/Loss: +1.8 pounds (+8.8 total)
Clothing: Maternity pants but regular shirts.
Sleep: Good. Waking up more to pee in the middle of the night.
Exercise: 3 times this week including prenatal pilates at home.
Movement: Lots of kicking and movement if Jake starts talking and tapping on my belly.
Gender: Surprise!

Week 24, March 11th-March 17th, 2015
The first picture might be my favorite one so far.  Also, I have no idea how to count months so I've been doing the number of weeks divided by 4 which puts me at 6 months in this picture.
How I am feeling: Physically I feel pretty good. I had a few days where my legs and feet were swollen at the end of the day but nothing too terrible. I am still "feeling all the feelings" as I like to call it. At least now I can tell when it is coming on and give Jake a heads up just to be on the safe side. I felt like crying a few times this week but logically couldn't justify it and since I'm not a crier that was enough to help me keep it together. We've been trying to find a stroller that will work in Sweden and in the US that has a bassinet and can fit a US car seat. It has been tricky. We are also trying to figure out paternity leave which is a whole blog post by itself.

I mentioned some pressure I was feeling to my midwife and had my appointment moved up. Since my niece was born at 31 weeks 5 days and I'm flying between weeks 27-29 I just wanted to be on the safe side. My midwife wasn't concerned.
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: Jake is getting really excited about the baby. He does a great job listening to me talk about Baker all the time and feeling the baby move when I ask him to.
Size of the Baby: 12.5 inches, Corn, 1.25 lb. I couldn't find any corn this week at the store so no vegetable picture this week.
What is the Baby up to this Week:  The baby should be able to feel right side up and upside down. The baby's respiratory system is also rapidly growing, lungs are developing in preparation for breathing, moving amniotic fluid in and out of the lungs.
Best Moment this Week: Not sure.
Food Cravings: I don't feel like I've really had any strong cravings this pregnancy.
What I Miss: Sleeping on my back.
Most Looking Forward To: Going home.
Thankful for: That my midwife isn't concerned about me flying home :).
Weight Gain/Loss: +0.0 pounds (+8.8 lbs total)
Clothing: I started wearing maternity shirts this week and I've been wearing maternity pants for a few weeks.
Sleep: Good. Still sleeping great but waking up to use the bathroom.
Exercise: 3 times this week including prenatal pilates.
Movement: Lots of kicking and some across the belly movements instead of just kicks and punches. Feeling the baby more at night and in the morning than I used to.
Gender: Surprise!
Week 25, March 18-March 24th, 2015
How I am feeling: I had an appointment with the doctor at my midwife clinic since midwives don't actually check you and things were good. I tested positive for Group B Strep which they test for in the US around week 36 but they don't test for it here so I was thankful that they found it now so I didn't have to push for that test later. Now I will get antibiotics whenever I go into labor.
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: Jake has started calling me names like whale, train and ginormous. Right now I just laugh because we both think it is funny that I am getting big but I told him once I feel big those names will not be tolerated :). I hope I am gentle on him the first time he says it and I'm not okay with it. He also said he always wondered what I'd look like pregnant and if he thought it would be weird but it isn't weird at all. I think he likes the belly. It helps that I really like seeing my pregnant belly so he gets to see it often.
Size of the Baby: 13.5 inches, Rutabaga (which I did find in the store after getting some translation help from Chelsea but decided not to buy it because it wasn't the right size and I had no idea what to do with it after the picture), 1.5 lbs
What is the Baby up to this Week:  The baby's body parts are continuing to become more proportional to each other and baby fat is also continuing to fill in the baby's wrinkled skin. My uterus is roughly the size of a soccer ball . . . let that sink in for a minute. At school they were talking about a staff vs construction crew soccer game and then I looked down at my belly. George, one of my coworkers, suggested I play goalie.
Best Moment this Week: Hanging out with coworkers.
Food Cravings: I bought two different kinds of ice cream with less guilt than I normally would but I'm definitely not in the "eat a big bowl of ice cream every night" club . . . yet.
What I Miss: Random family get togethers. My parents and brothers got together to watch part of March Madness and I miss being home to do those things. When we come home to visit everything is so schedule and jam packed that I miss the impromptu stuff.
Most Looking Forward To: Going home! I know I've said this every week for the last several weeks but I was worried with the pressure I wouldn't be able to go home and I just really want to see family and friends while I'm pregnant.
Thankful for: A good doctor check up.
Weight Gain/Loss: +1.4 pounds (+10.2 lbs total)
Clothing: Maternity clothes all around. Some regular shirts still fit but I don't want to stretch them out.
Sleep: Still good.
Exercise: Only twice this week including prenatal pilates at home.
Movement: Feeling more across the belly movements and movements on opposite sides of my belly at the same time like Baker is moving his/her arms and legs.
Gender: Surprise!

Week 26, March 25th-March 31st, 2015

How I am feeling: At this point I just feel like I look really round head on.
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: Jake has started to help me stand/get up more which is funny. I appreciate the help when I am lying flat on my back since my ab muscles are a little stretched out and it is hard to sit up without first rolling to the side. However, one time this week he tried to help me stand when I was just sitting in a chair. He grabbed under my arm and started to lift up. I just stared at him super confused until I realized he thought he was helping me. I started laughing and informed him that at this point I can stand up from a firm chair just fine on my own. The couch is sometimes harder since it is soft but it still doable.
Size of the Baby: 14 inches, cucumber, 1.75 lbs (During our ultrasound this week the doctor estimated the baby weighed 964 g or about 2.12 lbs. It should weigh 967 grams so Baker is right on track!)
What is the Baby up to this Week:  The baby's lungs and brain are much more developed. The baby can now also hear more than just my rumbling tummy, such as outside noises like Jake's voice.
Best Moment this Week: We had an ultrasound this week to check to make sure things were good and my placenta hadn't dropped or done anything to cause issues before I flew home. We got to see the baby although we spent most of the time looking away so we wouldn't accidentally see any body parts or lack thereof to give anything away.
Food Cravings: Not much.
What I Miss: Home but so excited to be there soon.
Most Looking Forward To: Baby showers and showing off the bump.
Thankful for: A healthy baby and a good ultrasound so I can fly home!
Weight Gain/Loss: +0.2 pounds (+10.4 lbs total) 
Let's talk about weight gain for a minute. I was always curious about how I would (emotionally) handle weight gain during pregnancy. I've been about the same weight/size plus or minus 5 pounds since high school, thanks to good genes, portion control and working out. I knew early on I wouldn't be the type of pregnant person who "ate for two" or ate whatever I wanted without thinking about it because I just don't think that is healthy. I've tried increasing my calories with extra snacks in between meals and I've been drinking milk with more fat as well drinking milk with lunch every day. You only need an extra 300 calories a day in your 2nd trimester which I feel like I am getting. My midwife here doesn't seem concerned at all so at this point I'm just going to eat mostly healthy foods when I'm hungry and go from there.
Clothing: Maternity clothes :). I am running out of shirts I haven't worn yet which means the "Emily smell" is fading from them which makes me sad.
Sleep: Still good.
Exercise: 3 days a week. I'm looking forward to buying some new workout clothes because the ones I have not aren't that great for my growing belly.
Movement: Lots of kicking and punching.
Gender: Surprise!

Week 27, April 1st-April 7th, 2015
This was one of my favorite maternity shirts that Emily wore and now I get to wear it :).
How I am feeling: I feel great! The flight home was great. I wasn't uncomfortable but we also got upgraded to business class . . . so there isn't much to complain about there :). I did use the bathroom more times on that flight than I ever had before. I tried to drink plenty of water so I didn't swell and I wore thigh high compression leggings which helped.
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: Jake was really sweet about our luggage and making sure I didn't carry too much or lift things. He also made sure I had plenty of water on the flight.
Size of the Baby: 14.5 inches, cauliflower, 2 lbs
What is the Baby up to this Week:  This week the baby looks like a thinner, redder, more wrinkled version of what he/she will look like at birth, but in the next few weeks more fat will fill out his/her appearance. The baby's immune system is continuing to mature as are the baby's lungs which are still practicing breathing amniotic fluid.
Best Moment this Week: Seeing friends and family and our baby showers! Seeing people when we are home is always so much fun but sometimes it is hard getting so excited to see someone and then the first time you see them is also the last. Since we had baby showers we were able to see most friends at least twice which I LOVED!
Food Cravings: Lots of Mexican food and Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (although those are just normal "I'm home" cravings).
What I Miss: Nothing! I'm at home
Most Looking Forward To: Seeing more friends and family.
Thankful for: Friends and family who were able to come to our baby showers. It meant so much just to see people and catch up.
Weight Gain/Loss: +1 pounds (+11.4 lbs total) 
Clothing: Maternity all around plus I was able to do a little bit of shopping for a few pieces. Emily and I have very similar styles but it was nice to try something on and decide if it was me or not.
Sleep: Jet lag has been hard. I usually adjust better than Jake when we fly back to the US but the combination of jet lag and having to pee in the middle of the night means I have a hard time falling back asleep. I start thinking about friends we will get to see and baby showers and all the fun baby things and then I can't fall back asleep. Jake also has been stealing some of the pillows I've been using at night to sleep which he can't do as easily with my maternity pillow back in Stockholm.
Exercise: I didn't work out while I was home but I did lots of shopping :).
Movement: Lots of moving, mostly above my belly button. Lots of knees or elbows sticking out and Jake poking them back in. Jake's parents and my parents were able to feel the baby move.
Gender: Surprise!

Week 28, April 8th-April 14th, 2015
Oh man, I feel like I look awful in these pictures. I'm going to blame the Kansas humidity and say my hair just looks bigger than normal instead of my face.
How I am feeling: I feel great! Feeling more movement and my feet are getting a little puffy at night, which could be because I've been going 90 mph since we landed, but overall I feel awesome. Our flight back to Stockholm was great. We got upgraded again to business class (please stay friends with us, I promise we aren't hoity, toity). We brought back lots of clothes, blankets, toys and books for Baker which was really fun to unpack. Jake was unpacking and he noticed the amount of space he took up in the bag was significantly less than Baker and me. Oops, get used to it.
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: Jake has been very protective of me which is fun and weird all at the same time. When we found out he got upgraded to business class and we didn't know if I did he asked what we should do and then said he knew I would get the seat but he wanted to use it for a little bit. He said after I'm done being pregnant that the playing field goes back to equal so whoever would get upgraded gets the seat. I think he has been in Sweden too long with all this equality talk.

When we are home we stay at our house in a guest bedroom but we sleep in our bed. #ourtenantiscoolerthanyours On our last night in our house before bringing back a baby I was excited to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. Around 1:30 am I woke up to water dripping on me. It was storming and apparently the roof and ceiling were leaking. I tried to wake up Jake. He was very concerned but had no clue what was going on. Eventually he figured out there was water and grabbed a towel for me. He acted like I was just supposed to cover myself with a towel and go back to sleep. That is when I realized he was still kind of asleep. I told him we would need a bucket and to turn on the light. Later he said he didn't know what was going on but he was trying not to wake himself up too much until he realized it was an issue that might need more of his attention. He then tried to roll the bed over far enough that we could still sleep in it but that didn't work so we moved to the other guest bedroom for the night. Oh the joys of owning a home!
Size of the Baby: 14.8 inches, Chinese cabbage, 2.25 lbs
What is the Baby up to this Week:  It is likely the baby has developed a more regular sleep schedule in 20-30 minute intervals (although with our time change I think things were a little confusing for a while).
Best Moment this Week: We are in the 3rd Trimester!!! More baby showers and seeing family and friends! We took maternity pictures!
Food Cravings: Mexican food and sugary cereal.
What I Miss: Jake. When we are home we hardly have anytime to actually talk to each other because we are so busy catching up with everyone else. By the time we get home from "dinner" which usually starts at 6:30 and lasts until 9:30-10 we are exhausted so we don't talk much before falling asleep.
Most Looking Forward To: Seeing friends and family.
Thankful for: Friends who hosted baby showers for us and everyone who made time for us while we were home.
Weight Gain/Loss: +1.6 pounds (+13 lbs total) 
Clothing: Maternity clothes including short sleeves because the weather was so nice in Kansas.
Sleep: Sleep was okay. Sleeping in our bed was great (minus the leaking roof) but the jet lag was hard. And Jake continued to steal my pillow in the middle of the night.
Exercise: No formal exercise but lots of errand running.
Movement: The movements are getting pretty big and involved. No more random kicks really. Lots of across the belly movements. Most are right above my belly button or on my right hand side which I think are feet :).
Gender: Surprise!
Here is a fun progression of belly pics starting at week 4.

Sorry the post was so long but I hope you enjoyed the bumpdate!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Malaga and Cordoba, Spain

After spending two days in Paris we flew to Malaga, Spain.  When we started planning this trip we thought we would fly to Paris, take a train to Southern France and then another train to Barcelona before flying back to Stockholm.  While Jake was doing research he read a little bit about Malaga and decided we should go there instead so we did.  This trip was pretty last minute compared to our other trips but we really enjoyed our time in France and Spain.

We landed around 7:30 pm on Sunday and took a bus into the city.  We were planning on taking a train but no one was taking the train so we figured there must be a bus so we hopped on one that we thought was headed towards the city and then got off once we were close enough to our hotel to walk.  (This stressed me out a bit but sometimes you just have to trust your gut and that is what we did.)  We checked into our hotel and then left to find some dinner.
Our room at Picasso Suites was more of an apartment with a kitchen and living room area.  They were recently finished and nice but felt more like a bed and breakfast without having the breakfast provided.

We had a great dinner out but I apparently didn't take any pictures.  We had tapas and Jake asked the waiter to just pick something for us. . . always a risky decision for me at least.  The first plate that appeared had 6 different things on it and only one did I even think about eating.  The second plate, entrecote or hunk of beef, was much better.  We ended up ordering seconds of that and then dessert.  In Spain they eat lunch around 2 pm and dinner around 10 pm and we definitely started off the trip with dinner at the local time around 10 pm.

We had breakfast by our hotel and then went to the Interactive Music Museum.  They had all kind of instruments that you could look at and several "red rooms" where you were allowed to play the instruments.  We happened to get there at the same time as a school group on a field trip.  We had to practice taking turns in the red rooms.  The museum was neat but several of the computer screens showing you how to play the instruments and telling you more about them were broken.  The museum seemed fairly new so I was disappointed to see that it was already breaking down.
Jake played the piano for one group of kids.
After the museum we saw a crew filming a music video and walked by an amphitheater.  After lunch we headed to the beach.

 Jake decided to go touch the water and quickly returned :).  He said it was warmer than the water in Sweden so that is a plus.
We laid in the sun and just relaxed for about an hour.  It wasn't warm enough to be in swimsuits but it felt great just getting some vitamin d.
We walked by the town bull ring on our way to the beach and then saw it from above.  We walked (slowly, with lots of breaks) up a hill to get a view of the city.  This was our 3rd day in a row of climbing something in the city to get a better view. 

We had tapas for dinner again and it was great.  We chose three and the waiter picked the other three.

The next morning we took a train to Cordoba but before we did that we had breakfast in our hotel room.
Lucky Charms!  We walked by an American food store and I found some Lucky Charms.  I was SO excited!
We took a one hour train ride to Cordoba, Spain.
We had breakfast in Cordoba.  Spanish breakfast include churros and chocolate.  That is a little rich even for me.  I also had toast with jam and Jake had toast with ham and tomatoes.  We also had orange juice and pineapple juice.  The orange juice there was amazing!  They have orange trees everywhere so the orange juice is fresh squeezed and awesome!

After breakfast, we visited the Great Cathedral and Mosque.  It was really pretty.

This ceiling reminded us of the Sistine Chapel. 
I really liked these arches.

 Jake had fun exploring this old water wheel.
 We visited Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos which is an old fort with beautiful gardens.
 This pool reminded us of Tim and Cathy's, Emily's parents, pool and backyard.  We just kept saying over and over again how similar they were.  *I am almost 22 weeks pregnant in this picture.
We wish we could have been here during the peak flower season.

We had lunch around 2:30 or 3 which was beginning to be our new normal lunch time.  Our waiter didn't speak English so he asked the lady sitting behind Jake to help translate.  I wanted to order some meat but wanted to make sure it was well done so we told her I was pregnant and as soon as she translated that he understood that I wanted the meat well done.  The lady mentioned how some things in life are universal like pregnancy and well cooked meat.  She also mentioned that in Spain it is illegal to ride a bicycle if you are pregnant which is absurd to her since she is from Holland.  She thought it was interesting that two countries with similar health care standards would be so opposite.  I told her I had heard that it isn't recommended because you could lose your balance easier with the growing belly but we both agreed that I was small enough that I would have been fine riding a bike :).
 Jake couldn't get over all the orange trees and oranges on the ground.

We made it back to the train and then to Malaga around 6:00 pm.  We did some shopping at Primark which is a department store we've been to a few times in a couple different countries.  It kind of reminds us of a store similar to Kohls.  Jake found lots of great shirts and shorts.  I found two maternity tops and a maternity tank top and then I found this . . .
 A onesie with a SQUIRREL on it!  I was so excited!
Here is to hoping we have a girl so she can wear these cute clothes . . . or we might put our little boy in the squirrel one just for fun.  It isn't too pink, right?

We stopped by a grocery store to get some things for breakfast the next morning since we would be leaving really early to catch a train to Barcelona.  We noticed on this day that most places didn't open until 9 or 10 so getting breakfast before 8 probably wasn't going to happen.  We ended up not buying much because we thought we could get something closer to our hotel.  
 Dried meat?
With a side of cheese?
By the time we got back to the hotel we decided we weren't that hungry for dinner but decided to go look for things for breakfast which was kind of a bust.  It turns out we couldn't find a place to buy food and wished we would have bought more at the big grocery store.  We found a few yogurts and bought some oranges and a banana from a restaurant . . . that was an interesting conversation but we were thankful they let us buy some fruit. 
The next morning on the way to the train station, we found a bakery that was open and bought some bread for the train ride.  We realized we also needed food for lunch since we would be arriving in Barcelona around 2:45 pm and typically the food you get on a train isn't great.  I did get a donut from Dunkin' Donuts at the train station before we left and it was really good.  We took a train from Malaga, Spain to Barcelona, Spain.  It took about 5:45 and it was nice to have a day to rest.  Trains are great for traveling because you can move around a lot more, see the sights, and not have to worry about navigating.  The US needs to get on board with train travel.  

We had a great time in Malaga and Cordoba.  I need to put together our Barcelona post but that probably won't happen for a little while but check back and see why Jake and I were both speechless for a few minutes in Barcelona.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Paris, France

We decided to go to Paris, France for a couple days before heading to Spain during a week-long break from school in February.  I had been to Paris for about a day and a half on a high school trip 13 years ago but Jake hadn't ever been.

We flew from Stockholm to Paris on Friday, February 20th from 6:00 pm and landed at 8:45 pm.  We had a free night at a Marriott hotel so we picked one that was between the airport and the city since we would be getting in late and it was a great.  We got to the hotel around 9:45 pm and had a late dinner across the street before going to bed.

The next morning we packed up our things and grabbed some really good bread at a bakery on the way to the metro.  We checked in to our bed and breakfast in the city which was about 5 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower.
Pictures going clockwise: First view of the Eiffel Tower, our hotel rooms (top one was our free night and second one was close to the Eiffel Tower), Jake waiting for the train with our breakfast, all of my clothes for a week-long trip fit two packing cubes in my backpack, and my dinner our first night in Paris.

We were able to check-in to our room early and drop off our stuff before going to Notre Dame Cathedral.  It was cold, cloudy and raining but we only had a day and a half to see Paris so we were going to power through!
We climbed to the top of the tower but we took our time to make sure I didn't regret the climb the next day.
 It was pretty cloudy when we got to the top but then it started to clear up.

Saw a playground with a squirrel plaything so of course I had to try it out :).

After walking through the cathedral and up the tower and decided to stop for lunch at a creperie.  
On our way to lunch we saw some people ice skating, playing with bubbles and a couple getting some fun pictures taken of them.  Lunch and dessert at the creperie was good.  It was raining pretty hard during lunch but then stopped by the time we were ready to leave.

We did a little bit of shopping on our way to the Louvre.  I visited the Louvre in high school and Jake didn't really have a strong desire to go so we didn't go inside but we took a few pictures outside.

We did a little bit more shopping and then decided to go see a show called "How to Become a Parisian in One Hour."  Jake saw reviews for it on Trip Advisor and when we called to find out about it we had 20 minutes to get to the theater before it started.  We both wanted something to do that evening that didn't involve walking around and this was only an hour long so we decided to go for it.  There was a long line full of people who already had tickets and Jake tried to get up to the front to buy tickets but lots of people thought he was trying to cut.  He eventually bought tickets once they opened the doors and they upgraded our seats for free.  We ended up sitting about 5 rows from the front of the stage.  
 Didn't mean to get this awkward photo of the lady in front of us but see how close we were to the stage?

The show was really funny but also pretty raunchy and not politically correct at all.  He made fun of all different kinds of cultures and the US was hit pretty hard.  When he was asking what countries were being represented in the audience someone said, "America" and then later someone yelled "The US" and he replied that those are the same place.  A couple minutes later someone else said "Texas" which just made a lot of people laugh.  He told us how to ride on the metro, order food and how to shop like a Parisian.  The show was in English and we really enjoyed it.
After the show we tried to find dinner.  It was about 8 pm and we walked and walked and walked.  It was an epic fail.  You would think all the traveling we've done we would be good at this or at least better but finding places to eat is our biggest stressor on trips.  The places that looked good on our Trip Advisor app were closed or full and we just couldn't make up our minds.  By that point I wanted to sleep more than eat and Jake wanted to eat.  We eventually found a place but once we tried to order we realized it would be kind of difficult because the menu was in French and the waiter didn't speak any English.  Thankfully the people next to us helped us out but we still weren't 100% sure what we ordered.  This doesn't bother Jake at all because he will literally eat anything but I hate not knowing what the choices are especially now that I'm pregnant and I'm trying to be cautious about what I eat.  I ended up with an undercooked steak, not ideal for the prego and I can't remember what Jake had.  I ate what I thought was safest of my food and some of Jake's food.

The desserts redeemed the restaurant choice.  Thankfully chocolate is easy to translate in French :).
 On our way home we walked by the Eiffel Tower again so we could see it all lit up.
 The next morning we checked out of our hotel and Jake figured out we could see the Eiffel Tower from our window!
Our second day in Paris was my favorite day.  The weather was so much better but I also really enjoyed what we did.  After we packed up our backpacks and left them at the hotel we walked to the Champs-Elysees and found a place for breakfast.  We saw some city bikes we could rent and decided to give them a try.  We LOVE using city bikes when we can.  It is so much faster to bike than to walk.  I have heard that you shouldn't bike when you are pregnant because your balance is all off with your growing belly but since I wasn't that big yet and I felt stable we decided to give it a try.  I was very cautious and Jake had me bike in front so if a car hit us it would hit him first.  He is so thoughtful.

 We felt like we were in the Tour de France.  Turns out the cobble stones are bumpy and hard to ride on.

 Such a pretty day and a great view of the city!

I have a picture from my high school trip of Jan and me sitting on the ledge right behind us in this picture.  It was cold, windy and rainy that day.  I was thankful that this day was just a little cold but really pretty.

 We biked under the Eiffel Tower and then picked up our bags from the hotel.
We had a great lunch at a cafe on our way to the airport.  My (decaf) salted caramel mocha was awesome!  I haven't had much coffee since I've been pregnant and because Swedes don't really believe in decaf but the French do so I decided to have one. It was awesome!

We flew from Paris to Malaga, Spain.  Check back in a few days for pictures from Malaga and Cordoba, Spain.

*I was 21 weeks pregnant during this trip.
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