I did several posts about our time living in Sweden.  Hope you enjoy reading about our time in Stockholm!

September 2013
We Moved to Stockholm
First Impressions
Speaking English and Schools in Stockholm
Living in a Hotel

October 2013
For Not Having a Job . . .
Welcome to Our Apartment!
Sailing Through the Archipelago
Laundry . . .
The Breakdown - What sent me over the edge is probably not what you think!
Backpacking in the Archipelago

January 2014
Thanksgiving in Stockholm
God Jul - Christmas in Stockholm

February 2014
Ice Skating and Cross Country Skiing
Substitute Teaching vs Volunteering in Schools in Stockholm
6 Months!

March 2014
Grocery Shopping in Stockholm, Sweden
A Day in the Life - A typical day while subbing and going to SFI (Swedish for Immigrants).
Working out in Stockholm

April 2014
A Peek into Our Week #13
A Peek into Our Week #14 & #15
Going to the Läkare (Doctor) in Stockholm
How I Found Out About Moving to Sweden

July 2014
Stockholm with Jake's Parents
Uppsala and Carl Larsson's Home with Janet and Ken
Summer Struggles
Grinda - An Archipelago Trip with Jake's Parents

August 2014
Guest Apartment
1 Year!

September 2014
Stockholm with Kara's Parents
Kara's Parent's Last Day in Stockholm
Summer in Stockholm

March 2015
Winter in Stockholm

June 2015
A Day in the Life of a Teacher in Stockholm
Prenatal Care and Giving Birth in Stockholm
Maternity & Parental Leave in Sweden - As Amazing as the Facebook Articles Say

August 2015
Summer House in the Archipelago

September 2015
Favorite Foods in Sweden

October 2015
Moving Home from our Home

November 2015
Reverse Culture Shock and How We Feel About Being Back

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