Friday, August 1, 2014

Guest Apartment

Jake's parents were here for about two and a half weeks and they were able to stay in our guest apartment.  I thought it might be fun to give a quick tour just in case anyone else wants to visit us you can see where you will stay!

The two couches are the beds for the guest apartment.  You can flip the backrest back to give you more space on the "bed".

When we were looking for apartments we had heard that some apartment buildings have a guest apartment that you can rent pretty cheap for guests.  Since apartments are so small this is a very nice perk.  The guest apartment is on the main floor and is 150 kr a night which is about $22 a night.  We can reserve 5 nights on our own through the same booking system we use to book the laundry room.  If we want to book more days we have to contact the housing board and so far when we have we've been able to get the room as long as it is available.

The main living area in the apartment is quite big.  In fact the guest apartment might have more square meters than our apartment :).
Table and chairs for meals plus lots of other chairs if you have a party while you are down there I guess :).
 A twin sheet on the bed.
 They do have a few linens you can use but we opted to use some extras we already had.  I did realize after Jake's parents visit that a trip to Ikea might be necessary to really make guests more comfortable.  We don't really have extra blankets or extra "normal" pillows.  I am planning on making a trip to Ikea before our next visitor arrives.

 The view from the living room down the hall.  The kitchen is on the left, the shower is at the end of the hall (as well as the sauna).  The first door on the right is the entrance to the apartment and the second door on the right by the end of the hall is the bathroom.

 The kitchen is huge!  There is a fridge in the corner that is not in the picture.
 The bathroom.
 Here is the shower.  It is also connected to the sauna.  If anything I feel like the shower could be updated to feel less like a locker room but it is still bigger than the shower in our apartment so there's that :).

This is the only picture I have of the sauna, sorry Dave :).  You have to book the sauna through the booking system and someone can book this even though someone is in the guest apartment.  So potentially they could be in the shower room while you need it but the sauna isn't able to be booked from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am which is nice.  And if you want to guarantee a certain time slot for the shower without someone possibly using the sauna you can just book the sauna for that time to make sure you don't have any extra guests in the shower room :).  We have never booked the sauna and I have no idea how popular it is but I doubt it is used much, especially in the summer.

It isn't the fanciest place to stay in Stockholm but it is close and cheap so if anyone wants to visit let me know as soon as you can so I can book the guest apartment!

If you want to see the tour of our apartment click here. 

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