Thursday, April 24, 2014

How I Found Out About Moving to Stockholm

One year ago today I found out Jake's company wanted us to think about moving to Stockholm.  (Before you read this chat for the post I feel like I should give some background.  This was last April and we were planning a trip to California with Jake's parents so I thought he wanted to talk about flights to California.  I had all the prices pulled up in different windows and his parents itinerary so I would be ready to talk about it and then he comes out of left field with the whole "let's move to Sweden" thing.)

How did I find out such big, life changing news?

Yes, life changing news over gchat.  Do you notice that Jake doesn't even acknowledge that he is telling me this over gchat when I ask him about it at the end of our conversation?

A few more of my favorite parts from that conversation:

So that's pretty much how it all went down :).  Jake's reasoning for telling me through gchat was so that I would have all day to think about it and come up with questions so we could talk about it that night.  Well, I definitely thought about it all day so I guess it worked.  We talked to both sets of parents a few days later and then I told a few close friends but then we stopped telling people once we found out it wouldn't be an official offer until the end of June.  And here we are living in Sweden 12 months later and we've been here 8 months today! (I didn't realize until I went back to check the date of when Jake first told me about moving to Stockholm that it was on the 24th which is the same day of the month we moved to Stockholm.)

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