Friday, April 4, 2014

A Peek into our Week #13

There are so many pictures that I take with my phone of just little things we are doing that aren't worth an entire blog post by themselves but I still want to remember them.  So I am going to try to post a weekly blog of pictures I take on my phone that tells a little bit about what we did that week.  This blog is a place where I can write about our experiences and put pictures up so I will remember this adventure long after it is over.  I hope you enjoy a little peek inside our daily lives.

I planned a surprise date for Jake on Saturday. . . badminton. It was a lot of fun even though I lost. He even played with his left hand for a while. If you read my workout blog you'll know why I included a pic of my pants.#theylasted5minutesbeforeIchanged #atleastItried #fika #janzensinsweden

Thanks to daylight savings time and the fact that we are gaining five minutes of sunlight each day the sun now sets about 5 HOURS later than it did 3 months ago! We have about 7 more hours of daylight during the day than we did in December. We will keep gaining sunlight until midsummer, June 21st, when we have the longest amount of sunlight which is 18 hours and 38 minutes. The sun will rise on that day at 3:30 am and set at 10:08 pm.#ineverusedtothinkaboutsunlight #janzensinsweden

 We have popcorn, cheese and raisins every Sunday night for dinner.  The last few weeks we've added peanut butter and Nutella to the plate.  This Sunday night I tried some wine.  I think me becoming a wine drinker is going to much harder than it was when I became a coffee drinker.  I just don't like the taste.

 I subbed at my volunteer school this week.  I know that doesn't make sense but the teacher I usually volunteer with went to the United States for a science conference and her grant included money for a sub.  Since they were paying me I agreed to sub!  Every Monday we take a one hour outdoor break at different parks around the school.  All of the primary grades in this building do that throughout the week.  The kids always have a great time.

This week the kids were working on their exhibitions which they are giving next week.  They had to think about a problem in the world and then they were supposed to try to solve it.  The groups in my room researched these topics: smoking, computer games, palm oil, animal slaughtering, narcotics and carbon dioxide.  Most of the week they have been gathering their information to create a presentation.  

We also did a little bit of math scattered throughout the week to give them a break from the exhibition project.  I think it is interesting that they kids write in notebooks with squares and they draw a line with their ruler on the left-hand side of each page to make a margin.  Every kid does this.  If you've ever worked in a classroom you know just getting a legible name on a paper is sometimes a miracle.  I was fascinated the first time I saw them doing this.  They also grade their own problems after they finish the assignment.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our daily lives this past week!

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