Sunday, January 12, 2014

Heading Home & Holly's Wedding!

To say I was excited to go home for Christmas would be an understatement.  I was thrilled, excited, anxious, a little bit stressed but oh so happy.  We had been away for 3.5 months and I was ready to be home with friends and family.

Our trip home was pretty uneventful which was good.  We had a 9 hour flight from Stockholm to Newark, a 3.5 hour layover (which was about an hour too long) and then a 4 hour flight from Newark to Dallas.  We left Stockholm at 10:40 am and arrived in Dallas at 8:05 pm (which was 3:05 am Stockholm time).  So it took about 16.5 hours to get to Dallas.

Long flights aren't as scary or intimidating as they used to be but you can't always predict how they are going to go either.  Some are fine and other are just frustrating.  Thankfully the trip home was good.  When we fly from Stockholm back to the United States we are supposed to stay awake.  Why?  Well, we leave Stockholm in the morning and by the time we arrive in the US it is evening and we only have to make it a few more hours until we can head to bed so you really don't want to sleep on the flight because you aren't missing a night of sleep in the air, if that makes sense.  I adjust better than Jake does when we fly back to the states.  Jake has a hard time because if he wakes up at 5 am he can't fall back asleep because his body says it is noon in Stockholm and mine says "it is dark here and 5 am so I'm going to sleep :)."  We were a little bit tired our second day in Dallas but it really wasn't bad at all.

We flew to Dallas on Thursday, December 12th because my cousin Holly was getting married on Saturday, December 14th.  I love my Dallas family.  My mom's brother Brad and his wife Carmen live in Dallas with their five kids Holly, Sydney, Winslow, Chandler and Trenton (technically only Chandler and Trent still live in Dallas but still :)). Every year we go down there for Thanksgiving and when I was younger I used to go down every summer to visit my cousins.  Holly is the oldest and we have always been close since I'm only about 6 months older than she is.  We couldn't miss her wedding so our first stop was Dallas.

My parents picked us up at the airport and we headed to the Bright's house for a welcome party that included a hamburger truck.  The hamburgers were SO good!  It was great seeing everyone but we were pretty tired so we headed to the hotel after dinner to get some sleep.
I hadsome Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. So good!
My mom packed a bag of goodies for us to enjoy since we were back like . . .  real Honey Nut Cheerios :).  She also packed some Goldfish and chocolate chip cookies.  Thanks Mom!
The next day all the girls headed to Indulgence Nail Salon to get manicures and pedicures.  I typically don't get my nails done but if I am in Dallas I do.  That place is the best.

Even the flower girls needed to get their nails done.
My Uncle Brad brought some flowers to the salon.

After we finished at the nail salon we headed to the Joule hotel for a bridal luncheon.

The flower girls were enjoying the bridal luncheon and their gifts.

Carmen speaking at the bridal luncheon.

The girls practicing for the big day.

Father of the Bride, the Bride, one of the Maids of Honor (when you have 3 sisters you can't just pick one)
After the rehearsal we headed to a Mexican restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  I have really been missing Mexican food while we've been gone so I was really excited about dinner!  At the rehearsal dinner I met Lionel Richie.  Chris, Holly's husband, home schools two of his kids and one of them was in the wedding.  Lionel Richie wasn't supposed to be able to make it to the wedding but then plans changed and he was able to come.

My aunt Carmen was introducing him to my cousin Trent, his girlfriend and then to another cousin's boyfriend.  By the time she got to me he asked who I was dating in the family.  I laughed and said that I was married.  He told me I looked too young to be married. We made small talk for a minute or two after he found out we were living in Stockholm which he thought was "fab" and then I grabbed some food.  Later in the evening he stopped by our table with my Uncle Brad.  Brad was introducing him to everyone and when he got to me he said something along the lines of "oh yeah, I remember you.  You're the one that is married.  How long have you been married?"  I told him we had been married for 5 years.  He commented that I had a baby genes.  He said he had always been told he had baby genes which he used to not like and now he loves it.  He told Jake "you did good" picking me and gave him a thumbs up.  I was thankful that he left after that because I'm pretty sure my face was beet red.  He was very nice saying hello to anyone who went up to him.  He did go to the wedding and he gave a toast which was very good and pretty funny but he didn't sing.  The night wasn't about him but he did a nice job toasting the bride and groom.

Sofia Richie posted this picture of Avery on her instagram account.  The picture is super cute but it is kind of crazy how many likes the picture has.

I missed these girls!  This is Jocelyn's bad guy face and I love it!

Jake and me after the rehearsal dinner

On the day of the wedding the girls spent the day getting ready in the bridal suite.  We had sandwiches from Jimmy Johns and hung out while we got our hair and make up done.  When I sat down to get my make up done the lady asked me what I wanted.  My response was "I don't wear make up. Ever.  I mean I wore it at my wedding."  I might have exaggerated a little bit because I have worn it since my wedding but when I do wear it you can barely tell, but I wanted to make it clear that I wanted it to be subtle.  She then asked if I brought eyelashes to put on.  I laughed and said no.  I told her I didn't need any but she thought I did :).  I thought she did a great job on my make up and my cousin Sydney did part of my hair before turning it over to one of the hairstylists.  You could say the make up artists and hair stylists had a busy afternoon with 9 bridesmaids, two flower girls, the bride, the house party plus lots of family members but they did a great job.

While the girls were getting ready my Mom and Mama Stela hemmed a few bridesmaid dresses.  I wish I would have gotten a picture with my camera but I didn't so I borrowed this pic from Sydney's instagram, thanks Syd!
I've always told my mom she can fix anything even under pressure :).

Don't let this bad guy face fool you.

She was thrilled to see us!  Well . . . at least Jake :).  I love this picture.
 The wedding started at 7:00 and it was beautiful.
My nieces did a great job walking down the aisle.
Mr and Mrs. Chris Towson
 I just love Holly's dress!  It was so pretty!
My brother Aaron, his wife Lindsay, Avery (standing) and Jocelyn

I wish I had this picture from from the front but here is the Bright family with Mr and Mrs. Towson! (Left to Right: Trenton, Winslow, Brad, Holly, Chris, Carmen, Sydney and Chandler)
Most of the wedding party.  I was part of the house party and helped pass out programs and Jake was an usher.
Jake and Holly have become pretty close since Jake and I have been married.  They are always talking about things on Google chat. I love that they are close!

My hot date for the wedding!
My parents
Lindsay and Aaron
Avery danced all night!  It didn't matter if she knew you or not, she would dance with you.  Jocelyn fell asleep on Jake's shoulder which was really cute but I don't have a picture of that.
Father Daughter dance

 Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Chris Towson!


  1. You and jake look soooo hot! Holly looked gorgeous ; so elegant!

  2. Great pictures from the wedding. It was nice to see as I’ll also be at my friend’s wedding this weekend. The ceremony is at one of the NYC wedding venues. I have grown a bit in the last few years so most of my dresses don’t fit too well. I guess it’s time for me to go on a shopping spree.


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