Monday, October 7, 2013

Chocolate Festival

Jake planned a date for us on Saturday, October 6th.  He wouldn't tell me anything about the date except that we were taking a train out of the city and that he knew I would like it.  (I think he has figured out that if he plans anything and calls it a date then I'll go along with it because it sounds cute.).

We hopped on a commuter train at central station and rode it about 20 minutes outside of Stockholm.  Commuter trains are really nice.  The seats are more comfortable and they usually have wifi and power outlets.  Several people got off at the same stop we did but I still didn't know where we were going until I saw the sign below:

A commuter train.  We are going to a Chocolate Festival!  Each piece of chocolate in the picture was about $1.80 and five pieces were $7.50.
Chocolate Tasting

We went to a chocolate tasting when we first arrived.  I don't like wine but I watched Jake's family do a wine tasting while we were in California this summer but a chocolate tasting . . . that is right up my alley.  We watched a presentation and tried 7 different kinds of chocolate.

There were so many free samples that we only bought one thing at the Chocolate Festival and that was a roll with chocolate inside and drizzled on the outside.  The Chocolate Festival was in a big convention center but it only took up about one fourth of the space and the rest of the space was the Home and Garden show.   We had access to both shows with our tickets so we looked around there for a little while.

I saw a student while we were walking around the Chocolate Festival.  It was the first person I ran into while living in Stockholm that I knew and we didn't plan on meeting.  That may not seem like a big deal but it was.  I didn't say hi because I didn't know that student very well but it was still neat to run into someone I knew other than Jake :).

We spent about 4 hours walking around the Chocolate Festival and the Home and Garden show before heading back home.  It was a great date!

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