Thursday, October 16, 2014

Croatia: Questions & Answers

Where did we go?
We went to Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia.

Where is it and how did we get there?

Dubrovnik and Split are both in Croatia. Croatia is across the Adriatic Sea from Italy and it borders Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. We were able to find direct flights to and from Croatia and both flights were a little less than three hours long.

How long were we there?
We were there for five days, about two and a half in each city.

What language do they speak?
They speak Croatian but most people we interacted with also knew English.  There wasn't a language barrier at all.

What currency do they use?
The use kunas.  The conversion is about six kunas equals a dollar which is pretty close to the conversion rate for Swedish crowns.

Were things expensive?
No.  The food and lodging were both really reasonable.  We were stayed fairly under budget on this trip.

Would we be able to live there for a year?
I am not sure.  I really loved Dubrovnik.  It was truly beautiful and I'm sure I'd love the warmer weather but I'm not sure I could live here for a year.  It seems pretty "out of the way" and it would be hard to travel to other places in Europe from there.  Plus, the number of tourists and cruise boats every year would start to wear on you I think.

What was most memorable thing about the trip?
The most memorable thing was probably being in Dubrovnik when Game of Thrones was filming.  It was so neat to see the sets and to walk down the same streets that will be on the show next season.

What was the food like?
The food was really good.  They have a lot of Italian influence so the food reminded me of what you might find in Italy.  They had lots of pizza, pasta and olive oil!  They also had quite a bit of fish.  They had several Croatian dishes as well that were really good.

Least favorite food?
I don't think I had a least favorite food.

Favorite food?
Prosciutto and the ice cream!

Would we want to go back?

We would definitely go back.  Even though there wouldn't be much to see that we didn't already see on this trip I wouldn't mind strolling along the old city streets holding hands with Jake and eating ice cream!

What was I most surprised by?

I was most surprised by the beauty of Dubrovnik.  It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

Did we do anything we thought we wouldn't do?

We didn't think we would get to see Game of Thrones filming when we booked the trip but it ended up working out perfectly!

What did I learn about myself on this trip?
I learned to relax a little bit more and just go with the flow.  Sometimes we over plan our itineraries on trips and then we get stressed out rushing from one place to the next.  On this trip we still had an itinerary for each day but it was much more relaxed and we both really enjoyed it.

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