Monday, June 22, 2015

Bumpdate Weeks 34-38

I haven't been very good about doing bumpdates or taking notes about each week on my spreadsheet, yes, I have a spreadsheet about the baby. #ilovespreadsheets  This bumpdate might be missing some answers but I posted lots of pictures and I tried to write what I could remember :).

Week 34, May 20th-May 26th, 2015
How I am feeling: I was pretty tired this week.  It was my last week of school before taking pregnancy leave the last 3 weeks of the school year.  I had a lot of last minute things to wrap up like grades, student comments, packing up, etc.  But overall I felt pretty good considering the long week.
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: 
Size of the Baby: Cantaloupe, 17.75 in, 4.75 lbs
What the Baby is up to this Week: The waxy protective coating, vernix, is becoming much thicker this week as the lanugo continues to shed and may be almost completely gone by now.  Inside my body, the lungs are continuing to mature in preparation for breathing in the outside world.
Best Moment of the Week: 
Food Cravings: 
What I Miss: 
Most Looking Forward To: Pregnancy leave!  I am hoping to write more about the pregnancy/maternity/parental benefits you get while living in Sweden but if I don't have time I wanted to talk about pregnancy leave.  Sixty days before your due date you can start taking pregnancy leave.  The days come out of your total 480 days of paid leave that you get to share with the baby's dad over the first 8 years of the child's life.  Obviously, if I was in the US I would have finished out the school year since not only do we not get paid maternity leave but there is no such thing as pregnancy leave.  Since I had the option here I took it.  I was starting to get more uncomfortable, my legs were swelling during the day and I had zero energy to work out, make dinner, or really function much after teaching.
Thankful For: Pregnancy leave!  (Notice a theme?)
Weight Gain/Loss: +1 lb (18.6 lbs total)
Clothing: Maternity Clothes.  I have a pair of black maternity pants that I wear on an almost daily basis.  They are really comfortable and they still look nice.  They are black skinny jeans which is a staple in Sweden's unwritten uniform :).
Sleep: No complaints here.  Still sleeping great.  Usually get up around 4:30 to go to the bathroom but I can fall back asleep just fine.
Exercise: None this week that I can remember.  Maybe once but it was a long week at school so I didn't have much energy left for working out.
Movement: Still lots of moving, especially at night.
Gender: We still don't know but I can't wait to finally find out!

Week 35, May 27th-June 2nd, 2015
How I am feeling: I felt great this week.  I took a birthing class this week.  We paid for one birthing class at the hospital I am registered at for the birth around week 30 and that was good.  It went through the labor stages and what pain relief is available here.  The class this week was free through my midwife's office.  The first session was about the steps of labor and pain relief so I didn't make Jake go to it since we just did it about 5 weeks ago.  The second class is in two weeks and that is what happens after the baby arrives so he will go to that one.

My Aunt Carmen and Cousin Holly were in town visiting which was a lot of fun.  They were probably our most laid back visitors and I really appreciated that since I was 35 weeks pregnant and not up for all the walking we would normally do.  The first day they were here we walked about 19,000 steps from 2 pm until we went home for the evening.  That was a lot of walking and I was a little worried but the rest of the week was a lot more relaxing.  That first day we were just trying to keep them awake :).  The rest of the week we slept in, had breakfast between 9:30-10:30, left for the day after that and then had lunch out, had an after lunch activity and then came back to relax/nap before dinner.

Here are a few fun pictures from our time with Holly & Carmen.
Hanging out in Gamla Stan.  My cousin Trenton responded to this picture and I said I was bumpin' which just made me smile!

 Jake took us on a boat ride from our apartment to City Hall and then dropped us off at Drottningholm.
 Almost to City Hall
 I got a note in the mail saying I had a package to pick up at the grocery store, bigger packages won't fit through our mail slot.  So we stopped by on our way to the boat and it turns out the package from a beautiful blanket from my Aunt Carmen!  Perfect timing since she was here to see me open it.  The blanket is from the same company that made the blanket that was wrapped around the new Princess Charlotte when she made her debut!
 We had dinner at Gondolen which is a restaurant up pretty high above Gamla Stan and Slussen.  We tried to pick a clear night so we could see the sunset.
I think we did a pretty good job!
This was after we went to the Fotografiska (Photography) Museum which was a lot of fun.

We had a great time with my aunt and cousin and it was a great excuse to go to some fun restaurants and museums before the baby arrives.
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: 
Size of the Baby: Honeydew Melon, 18 in, 5.25 lbs
What the Baby is up to this Week: At this point, all of the baby's major organs should be nearly complete.  The baby's kidneys are completely developed and his/her liver is functional and capable of processing waste products.
Best Moment of the Week: We bought a STROLLER!  Buying a strollers in Sweden is like buying your first car (both in price and in the way they advertise them).  We went back and forth with what to buy for a long time.  We knew that what we would need in Stockholm (big wheels, easy to push, bassinet, big basket for carrying groceries, good suspension) wasn't necessarily what we needed in Kansas (easy to fold up, lighter weight, easy to push, could hold a car seat).  We thought about trying to find one that would work for both places but we decided to just buy a used one that would meet our needs for Stockholm with the intention of selling it before we moved back and then buying a different one that would meet our needs for Kansas.  After LOTS of shopping and looking we decided we wanted either a Brio Smile or an Emmaljunga Viking or Super Viking.

Once we started looking on (similar to Craigslist) we started leaning more towards the Emmaljunga Super Viking with the white chassis.  You could say we started to get picky which didn't surprise either of us.  I looked every day, multiple times a day, for a long time and then we saw an ad for one.  It was actually the floor model from a baby store so it isn't as "used" as most strollers on Blocket but it wasn't being sold for the brand new price either.  I went with my aunt and cousin to buy it and before I bought it I got cold feet!  It was just a big purchase and we had talked about it for so long.  Thankfully my aunt stepped in a played "Mom" for a few minutes and asked me what my hesitations were.  She should be pretty good at playing mom since she has five kids :).  After talking with her I decided to go for it.  (I had already called Jake and he left the decision up to me knowing it was the exact thing we were looking for and that he could trust my decision . . . probably assuming I would be an idiot not to buy it.)  After I decided to buy it and we were heading to the register my aunt told me that she talked to my uncle Brad and that they wanted to help pay for part of the stroller as a baby gift.  I was so surprised.  My face turned red and I tried to talk her out of it but she insisted.  It was such a blessing and so awesome that she offered.  Thanks Brad and Carmen!  Can't wait to send you a picture of the first family outing with the baby in the stroller!
Food Cravings: 
What I Miss: 
Most Looking Forward To: Taking the baby on a walk in the new stroller!
Weight Gain/Loss: +1 lb (19.6 lbs total)
Clothing: Maternity
Sleep: Great!  Including a few naps!
Exercise: Lots of walking around with my aunt and cousin!
Movement: Still likes to move and be awake in the evening and at night which is fine by me!
Gender: Only 5 more weeks until we find out!

Week 36, June 3rd-June 9th, 2015
How I am feeling: Great!  It turns out when you don't have work or visitors and you can just do whatever you want during the day you have a lot more energy.  Weird, huh?  Most days I would sleep in a little (8:30-9:30) and then eat breakfast, work out, run errands, go to a few Mommy Fikas (to meet other moms or moms to be) and most days I threw in a nap for good measure.  I have noticed that the key to how I'm feeling directly correlates to whether or not you can see my ankle bones.  If I'm able to keep my feet up most of the day or go on walks I'm good but if I have them down for too long they start to swell.

I started eating dates this week.  My cousin Holly read a study that showed that women who started eating 6 dates a day at 36 weeks had a higher percentage of going into spontaneous labor, higher cervical dilation upon hospital admission, and the one that helped me push through the first few dates was . . . they were in labor on average for 7 HOURS LESS!  I tried eating two with each meal but it turns out I can't really do dates at breakfast.  They just didn't really go over very well so now I eat 3 at lunch and 3 at dinner.  We bought several different kinds and I think I finally found some that I don't mind eating.  I sure hope it works :).
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: 
Size of the Baby: Romaine Lettuce, 18.75 in, 5.75 lbs
What the Baby is up to this Week: The baby is still gaining weight and becoming rounder in appearance.  By the end of this week, the baby will be just three weeks away from being full term.  The presentation of the baby is likely head-down.  The baby will start hiccuping more in preparation for breathing outside the womb.
Best Moment of the Week: 
Food Cravings: 
What I Miss: 
Most Looking Forward To: 
Weight Gain/Loss: +0 lb (19.6 lbs total)
Clothing: Maternity
Sleep: No complaints.  I've been trying to take naps during the day which has really helped.
Exercise: Worked out 4 days this week!  Two days at the gym and two at home.  At the gym I've been doing 5 minutes of walking on the treadmill to warm up and then 5 minutes of walking incline intervals before moving to weights.  Most of the weights (both free and machines) I've been doing towards the end of the pregnancy include: inner and outer thighs, chest press, rows, biceps, upright rows, walking lunges forward and backwards, and squats.  Then I usually move to a mat and get on all fours to stretch out my back and do some back exercises before doing planks.  Yes, I have been planking while pregnant.  I asked my doctor and she said it was fine.  Her only concern was that I would fall on my stomach if my arms couldn't hold me up but I wasn't worried about that at all.  I usually hold a normal plank pose for 10 seconds before taking a break and repeating it 2 or 3 times.  I also have been doing side planks for 10 seconds once or twice.
Movement: Typically pretty quiet in the mornings with a little bit of moving but most of the movement is in the afternoon and evening.  Baker usually calms down again by the time I go to bed (11:00-12:00).  I started feeling hiccups more often.
Gender: Still a surprise!

Week 37, June 10th-June 16th, 2015
How I am feeling: I still feel great.  There were a few times this week when I started to get a little more uncomfortable but I honestly can't complain.  I think if I was still teaching I would be telling a different story.  It is amazing how if you listen to your body and slow down how much better you feel.  I feel like the baby might have dropped at some point in the last week or so.

We had visitors again this weekend.  Jennifer, a friend from high school, and her parents, Mike and Debbie, who are family friends of Jake's parents were in town.  Mike and Jennifer did the Stockholm SwimRun which included a half marathon of running and an iron man swim by alternating running and swimming.  It was really fun watching them.  Here is Jennifer's blog if you want to read more about the SwimRun and their time in Stockholm.
We had dinner with them in Gamla Stan their first night in town.  We also had them over for Thai food and a walk by our apartment before they left.  It was so fun having visitors.  It was a little strange because I knew that they would be here towards the end of the pregnancy so the baby would be coming soon and then when they were here it seemed like they were early.  There was no way the baby could be coming already!

Since they were alternating between swimming and running they had to swim in their shoes and run in wet suits.  I cannot imagine doing either!
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: 
Size of the Baby: Swiss Chard, 19.25 in, 6.3 lbs
What the Baby is up to this Week: This week the baby is just two weeks away from being full term.  That means all of the baby's organs are nearly fully developed and prepared for the outside world.  If I am having a boy it's likely he'll weight more at birth than a girl of the same gestational age.
Best Moment of the Week: Maternity pictures!  When we were home in April I had one of my really good friends take our pictures.  I wanted to document the belly but I didn't really want to have someone in Stockholm do it because photographers are so expensive here.  Well, after coming back to school one of my coworkers asked me if she could take our maternity pictures.  She has a photography business but hadn't taken pictures in a while so she was hoping to get some new ones to help advertise for more business.  I am so glad we said yes.  The pictures were taken about a 5 minutes walk from our apartment which makes them extra special.

Here are a few of my favorites!

I love this man and I can't wait to see him as a dad! 

 I love this bridge, the metro and the water.  When I picture our apartment this picture pops into my head.
Food Cravings: 
What I Miss: 
Most Looking Forward To: Seeing Jake as a dad.  He has been so great throughout this pregnancy but I can't wait to see him actually holding our baby.
Weight Gain/Loss: +2 lbs (21.6 lbs total)
Clothing: Maternity.  The skirt in our maternity pictures is from Old Navy.  It was on sale for $0.50.  50 CENTS!  I bought two of them :).
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well.  Waking up one or two times to use the bathroom but I'm able to fall back asleep.
Exercise: Worked out 4 days again this week :).
Movement: I usually feel hiccups once a day now and continue to feel and see lots of moving.  I love watching Baker's feet moving around.
Gender: Another picture from our maternity shoot . . . I wonder which outfit we will be putting on Baker for his/her coming home outfit?

Week 38, June 17th-June 23rd, 2015
I feel like I look tired and a little rough in this picture.
How I am feeling: Overall, still feeling good.  I have moments, anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour long or so, when I feel uncomfortable but it usually goes away.  I haven't hit the "I'm so uncomfortable that labor sounds better than this" which I can't decide is a good thing or a bad thing.  I am nervous about giving birth and how I'll handle the pain and then the lack of sleep but I'm excited to finally hold this baby and see his/her face.
Funny Jake Moments/Commentary: I was doing laundry this weekend and when I went down to move things from the washer to the dryer I apparently took longer than Jake was expecting.  By the time I got back up to the apartment Jake was on his way down to the laundry room because he thought my water broke and I didn't have my phone to call him and I had no way to get back up to the apartment on my own.  It was cute.  Really cute.  He doesn't panic or overreact or worry about things like I do but he did this time and has a few other times and it just makes me smile.  I love it!

The morning after bowling before Jake left for work he asked me if I still had a baby in my belly . . . I pulled back the sheets and said yep.  Like I would let him sleep through me giving birth.
Size of the Baby: Leek, 19.75 in, 6.8 lbs
What the Baby is up to this Week: Although the baby is just a week away from being considered full term with fully functioning organs, his/her brain and nervous system will continue to develop well into childhood and his/her teen years.
Best Moment of the Week: We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this week!  We have been through a lot in our 7 years of marriage but I have a feeling this next year is going to be one we never forget.  I can't wait to see Jake as a dad.  He is going to be awesome!
Food Cravings: 
What I Miss: Being able to tie my shoes.
Most Looking Forward To: Seeing Jake holding the baby and knowing how our birthing experience went because that would mean we had the baby!
Weight Gain/Loss: +2 lbs (23.6 lbs total)
Clothing: Maternity
Sleep: My left hip is starting to tingle sometimes and hurt after I've been sleeping on it for a while.  I have to adjust more than I used to and switch to my right side which isn't as comfortable.  I'm still waking up to once or twice to use the restroom.  I think it could still be a lot worse.
Exercise: The last time we went bowling when one of us was pregnant . . . her water broke a couple hours later.  You could say that the person whose water broke might have wanted a little bit of pay back.  In my defense, Lisa's sister was in town and she wanted ideas of things to do with here so I suggested bowling.  Lisa was 36.5 weeks pregnant and a few hours after bowling her water broke and then Gray was born the next day.  Lisa is in town for about two weeks and her main goal is to convince Baker to arrive on or before his/her due date since she flies out on the evening of my due date and she wants to meet this baby in person.
Movement: Lots of moving.  The other day Jake wanted to feel Baker move and I told him not to wake him/her up but the next thing we both knew Baker said "Hi" to his/her dad.  Jake could feel both feet about an inch apart.  I tried to feel it but Jake pushed me away.  I have a feeling we might be fighting over Baker time in the near future!
Gender: Hopefully we will find out soon.

This post ended up being pretty long with lots of pictures but I want to make sure I remember all these fun moments before Baker arrives!

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