Monday, January 25, 2016

Jones Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with my family a little late this year. We had a great time celebrating.  It was so fun having Linnea there and being able to celebrate Christmas with her and my side of the family.

My mom likes to get a picture of the grand kids in front of the tree on their first Christmas.  This year we had two babies for their first Christmas!  Last year on Christmas day we told Robbie and Missy we were having a baby.  Shortly after getting back to Sweden they told us Missy was having a baby and here they are! I hope these girls are great friends!
We tried to get a picture of Linnea and Paislee.  Linnea had other ideas.  Nothing says I love you like eating your face, apparently :).

 We bought Jocelyn play dough for Christmas.  She had a great time playing with it and Uncle Jake :).
Linnea the red-nosed reindeer!
 Connor kept his eyes on Jake but would throw the ball to Papa.  It was really funny.

This girl knew what to do with her presents.
Christmas 2014 vs Christmas 2015.  I like this year a lot better :).

Jake's Dad has been taking our family picture at Christmas together since 2009.  It is getting harder and harder with all the kids but I'm so thankful we have them!

Grandma and Papa with the grand kids.  Yes, this was the best picture :).

 My Aunt Sharon and Uncle Tom came over to meet Linnea and hang out with us.  Linnea was pretty fussy/tired which isn't normal but we had fun hanging out with Tom and Sharon anyway.
This year Robbie was in charge of deciding how the adult kids were going to exchange gifts.  We all brought a $40 present and then we played name that tune to songs from 1982-2008.  We listened to a 30 second clip (which never had the song title in it, ugh) and then we had to write down the title, artist and year for each song.  The person with the fewest points after each round got kicked out of the game and picked a present and then the next person could either steal a present or open a new one.  It was really fun.  I got kicked out in the first round after tying with Missy and then losing the rock, paper, scissors tiebreaker.  Jake won the whole thing which is about how I thought it would go I'm awful at knowing titles of songs and artists.
Jocelyn and Jake had fun with the play dough a few times!

We had a great time all together and we decided we should try to spend another weekend all together when it isn't Christmas.  I hope we can find a time to do that this spring!

The rest of our Christmas pictures are in Linnea's 6 month blog post.

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