Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Linnea's First Birthday Party

I realize her birthday party was over a month ago but I guess it is better late than never!

We had a small party with family and friends on Saturday, July 2nd to celebrate our sweet girl.  It was fun to be around so many people that love her and us so well.  She felt very comfortable at her party since she had spent lots of time with everyone over the last 9 months.  There was a subtle squirrel theme . . . okay so maybe it wasn't subtle but I could have gone really overboard and I didn't.  For some strange reason I didn't even have to buy that many squirrel decorations :).
I made a chocolate cake for the guests a few days before her party and then froze it.  The day before her party I made the frosting and frosted it.  I think it turned out pretty great!
I also made all of the food ahead of time.  We had tacos, chips, salsa, guacamole and fruit.  I put the grandmas in charge of setting the food out and putting it away so I could focus on greeting guests when they arrived.  The grandmas also helped decorate and cut up fruit and do other random jobs which was really helpful.  The grandpas helped move furniture and play with Linnea.  They are both really great at playing with her!
This was my favorite decoration from the party. I printed off a whole bunch of pictures of Linnea and then couldn't figure out how to display them. After a quick look on Pinterest we decided to do this and I loved it!  The only other person in pictures other than Linnea, Jake and me was Florian who is a few months older than Linnea and lives in Stockholm. I was afraid if started including other people in pictures then I'd have to make sure I included one of everyone and that was just too much to think about when really the party is all about Linnea so we just said no one except the 3 of us (with the exception of Florian because those 3 pics were super cute and worth it).  Now I just have to figure out what to do with the collage :).
Jake also put together a collage of all her monthly box pics.  I think it turned out really neat!
We had lunch first and then presents followed by cake!

Linnea did a great job opening her gifts!  She would take off the wrapping paper piece by piece and then hand it to me.
You could say that Leighton likes Jake . . . the feeling is mutual. I try not to be offended when I see Leighton (and Jocelyn) and the first thing out of their mouths is "Where is Jake?"
 Jake's mom made Linnea a house (which fits over a card table).  Janet's Mom (Linnea's Great Grandma Roberta Lindeblad) made Annie (Linnea's Aunt and Roberta's first granddaughter) a house just like this one on her first birthday as well.  Kind of a fun tradition!

She liked the house and she liked crawling under the sides (walls) to leave instead of using the door.

 We LOVE the Roses!
 Linnea's friend Lydia is about 2 weeks older than she is and we have loved getting to know her!
 I've known Jan since 6th grade and we've been best friends ever since! So fun that we both have girls that get to be friends too!
 Linnea with her Grandparents!
We love AMY!
I missed a few pictures with friends (sorry Molly and Liz) but got most of them!
 Linnea's smash cake wasn't as sugary as a regular cake which I actually got a few snarky comments about but she hasn't ever had sweets and she is one.  She has plenty of time to eat sweet foods.  Why would I give her TONS of sugar just because when she will probably like a less sugary cake even more?  She seemed to LOVE her smash cake and the adults liked the chocolate one I made :).  Win win!

Taking the smash cake quite literally!
The video is about 5 min long but I shortened it from the original 12 minute video :). Here are some highlights:
00:00 - Singing Happy Birthday to Linnea and her trying the cake
1:27 Hamming it up for the crowd
2:20 - Likes the cake/is showing off
3:30 Tries to pick up cake
4:02 - Hamming it up some more
4:45 Smashing the cake in her hands
That night we went to Mi Ranchito to celebrate my birthday :) and had some ice cream cake after we got home.

We had a great time celebrating Linnea's first birthday and she seemed to enjoy the party as well!

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