Saturday, October 24, 2015

Linnea is 3 Months Old!

Each month seems to go by faster than the last.  I feel like she really changed from an infant to a baby this month.  She seems so big.  Let's see what she was up to this past month . . .
At (almost) 3 months old you weighed 11 lbs 1 oz (5.01 kg) which is in the 29th percentile.  You were 24.25 inches long (61.6 cm) which is in the 88th percentile and your head was 15.7 inches around (40 cm) which was in the 59th percentile. I have no idea where you get your height from because no one in our family is very tall but you do have long legs and that is where most of my height comes from so I guess that makes sense.

You eat every four hours during the day.  Breakfast is usually between 7-7:30 and then it is every four hours after that until dinner around 6:45-7 and then you go to sleep for the night.  The first 3 weeks into your 3rd month you slept through the night without eating but you did wake up and need your pacifier a few times.  Towards the end of the month you must have gone through a growth spurt because you were eating more often during the day and at night.  You also ate really quickly and would get frustrated when it wasn't coming fast enough for you.  Sometimes you got a little hangry . . . just like your dad!

Our "schedule" this month: 7:00 eat, 9:00 nap, 11:00 stroller workout class, 11:15 eat, 13:00 nap for about 2 hours but sometimes only 30 min, 15:00 eat then play, 17:30 you usually get fussy so we would often go on a walk around the waterfront, 18:45 eat, 19:00 bedtime.

The night before you turned 2 months old you slept through the night!  I couldn't believe it!  You would wake up a few times but once I gave you your pacifier back you would fall asleep without having to eat.  You did this four days in a row but on the fifth day you had some projectile spit up right before bed so when you woke up that night I fed you because you lost so much after your last feeding.

For about 2-3 weeks you would either go all night without eating or would eat just once.  It was fabulous! I felt like a new woman (who didn't need a nap everyday to survive)! Then about a week before we moved back to the US you started waking up and wanting to eat more.  I think you were going through a growth spurt. 
We had to ship your box home so the last few nights in our apartment you slept in a dresser drawer which was about the same size as your box except it was just a little bit longer.

You are still swaddled at night.  You sometimes get your hands up by your face and then I can hear you sucking on them.  Unfortunately once that happens you can't fall back to sleep so I have to unswaddle you, tuck your arms back down and then make sure you are nice and tight and then you are able to go back to sleep.
Occasionally you like to have a party in your box around 5 am but then your dad gets up with you until you fall back asleep.  He is the best!

I realized at some point this month that you didn't like sleeping on the waterproof pads I had under your head to help catch your spit up.  You always scooted down so your head was off of them which meant you ended up in the bottom half of your box and you would constantly run your head into the side of the box.  Once I took the waterproof pads out of your box you stopped scooting down.  Sorry I'm a slow learner :).  You also did a 180° turn in your box which is impressive considering how long you are and how narrow your box is.
You wore size 56 clothes which is 1-2 month clothes in European sizes and size 3 months in US clothes.  You outgrew all of your sleepers in length but we usually just put you to bed in whatever you wore that day minus socks.
Libero size 2 diapers were our favorite this month but you also wore some Huggies size 1 diapers.  I am not looking forward to finding diapers and wipes that we like once we move to the US.

Each day you usually go through one or two bibs because you spit up but it doesn't seem to bother you.

You found your fingers last month but this month you have really enjoyed sucking on them.  You like to suck on them during playtime but still prefer your pacifier if you are upset or trying to fall asleep which is fine by me!  I can throw your pacifier away eventually but I can't do that with your fingers so I'm hoping you don't become a finger sucker to soothe yourself.
You can pull your pacifier out of your mouth and with some luck you can even get it back in :).

You started cooing more this month and it is so cute.  I love to hear all of your stories.  I hope you always want to talk to me.  Here are two videos of you talking.  You seem so little in the first video and so big in the second one and they are both from the same month.  Time, please slow down!

Talking to your friends.

Bath time is just okay so far.  I'd like to do it as part of your bedtime routine but you are typically fussy between 5:30-7 so for now that isn't going to work.  You do a great job though of playing in your bouncy seat while I'm in the shower which I am so thankful for (and so is anyone else who has to be around me and smell me :)).
Tummy time at the beginning of the month

 "Hmm. . . what is over there?" Tummy time towards the end of the month.
This month you rolled from your belly to your back. Your dad and I were both watching you the first time it happened.  You were on your tummy doing tummy time, which isn't your favorite, and next thing we know you flopped your head to one side and you were on your back.  We couldn't believe it.  I put you back on your tummy and you did it again right away.  I put you back one more time and grabbed the camera but you decided twice was enough for one day.  You still roll over occasionally but not every time you are on your belly.

You had quite a bit of cradle cap this month and I tried to help with it.  I tried putting olive oil and coconut oil on your head and then using a toothbrush to help get it off.  It worked but you weren't a big fan.  I'm hoping it goes away on its own soon.
Putting together Star Wars legos with your dad.  Don't worry dad didn't let you put any pieces in your mouth. 

 You LOVE your googly eyed friend.

 Your first ceiling fan sighting!
Your grandparents came to visit you this month.  You had a great time but boy were you spoiled!  Your grandpa walked you all around the apartment and outside which was great . . . but then you realized how much there was to see and decided riding in strollers is for babies and you were a big girl.

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa Janzen
No worries, Linnea is keeping a close eye on her Grandparents :).

We went to dinner all five nights your grandparents were here and you slept through it all.  You ate right before we left the apartment and then either fell asleep during the stroller ride on the way to dinner or you fell asleep as we were ordering at the restaurants.  Let's just say as parents we are also spoiled.  You go down SO easy for bedtime and for naps it is ridiculous.  We aren't going to know what to do if we are able to give you a brother or a sister and they aren't as easy as you but for now we will take it!
 Sleeping through dinner.
This month we both left you with someone else for the first time!  You hung out with your grandparents while your dad and I went to lunch and then to get a massage.  We were trying to figure out what we could do together that we couldn't do with you.  We thought about going to the movies but then decided we didn't want to not be able to talk to each other.   About 5 minutes into our massages (which were in separate rooms) we realized we wouldn't be able to talk then either, oops!  But the massage was as close to napping that we could get without being at our apartment so we took it. #newparentproblems #wejustwantedtonap
Heading back to the apartment with your grandparents while we went on a date. Don't worry your grandpa picked you up shortly after this picture.  Silly for us to think they would need the stroller.

We can add going to your first concert to the list of things you did this month.  Granted you slept through the whole thing because it was after your bedtime but you were still there.  It was at Gröna Lund amusement park and the artist was Linnea Henriksson.  Tim, Jake's coworker, went as well which meant I got to ride two roller coasters!  I rode one with Tim and one with your dad.  I was really excited because the only other time I've been to Gröna Lund was when I was pregnant with you and I couldn't ride any of the rides.

There is an antique shop in Gamla Stan that we've been to a few times.  When the owner of the shop heard your name was Linnea he remembered a song about a girl named Linnea so he translated it for us and then sang it.
The song is called Linnea by Evert Taube.  The verse with her name in it is:
Her name is the most beautiful thing that I describe can, 
because Linnea is the most beautiful thing on earth. The flower king beneath tall fir trees found, something more beautiful, I can not describe.
 This is Stephanie and Adrian.  I met Stephanie about 3 weeks before my due date at a mommy fika get together.  She is awesome and gorgeous!  Adrian was born 2 days after Linnea and on his actual due date.  It was so fun going through all the new mommy things with someone else at the exact same time.  We will miss them both!
I met these girls at my first mommy fika and they were such a blessing.  Here we are in baby birth order: Angela, Felix (18 months), Riandi, Noah (almost 1), Maggie, Cleobella (8 months), Meltem, Zoe (4 Months), Me, Linnea (2.5 months)
You went to your first birthday party.  It was so fun going to a birthday party for a little kid with a kid!  This was the day before we flew back to the US.  It was the perfect way to spend our last full day in Stockholm.
 My friend Angela crocheted this squirrel for Linnea.  Isn't is awesome?
Remember the picture on the left? You seem less skeptical now that you are in Florian's bed.  Pretty sure we aren't okay with that.  For some reason he doesn't look as big as he used to . . . surely he is shrinking because you can't be getting that big so soon!
You got to meet two of my students when they bought our electric keyboard.
We tried recreating one of our favorite maternity pictures.  I think it turned out pretty good considering it was a totally different time of day and it wasn't the same photographer both times.

 You like to play with your rings when we are out and about.
And you also like to hold on to them and your mouse when you sleep.
You are holding your head up a lot more.  I think you got a pretty good neck workout when your grandpa was here carrying you around.
Daddy's work is so interesting!

We would often go on a walk after your dad got home from work and before dinner.  We would always wear you because you loved looking all around.
On a walk with dad.

Our last walk by the waterfront before moving back to Olathe.
We stopped by Humlegården in Stockholm to see the Carl Linnaeus' statue since he named his favorite flower Linnea which is where your name comes from. 
We started going to a stroller workout class at Vasaparken.  You usually sleep through the class but a few times you wanted to join me and would not tolerate being on the blanket.  You wanted to be held.  Thankfully the two trainers didn't mind holding you every once in a while so I could actually do the exercises.
I am the only one wearing capris.  I would have worn shorts but no one wears shorts to work out here, especially when they are outside, and I was trying to fit in so I settled for capris.

Your First Flight/Moving Back to the US
We flew back to the US the day before you turned 3 months old.  You did GREAT on the plane rides.  We should know by now that you are a champ at most things that we try with you so I don't know why we thought flying would be any different.  You made lots of friends while we waited for our delayed flight out of Stockholm to finally takeoff.
You cried for about 5 minutes (although it felt longer) during takeoff.  Since the flight was delayed from 4:30 to 6 it was smack dab in the middle of your witching hour and they made us buckle you in during takeoff.  You weren't a fan of that.  You cried some during your dinner that night but then I laid you down in your bassinet all swaddled and ready for bed and you slept for 6 hours.  You woke up about an hour and a half before we landed and ate again and you were so happy.

 You slept through customs and getting rebooked on the next flight since we missed our first connecting flight. 
  The flight from Chicago to KC was a breeze.  You didn't cry at all.
Meeting the pilot.  
You got to meet your other set of Grandparents at the airport.  They picked us up after spending two days at our house getting it all set up for us.  They are the best!
Meeting Grandma and Papa Jones

Our flight landed at midnight but my parents were there ready to meet us!

 18 Hours of traveling later . . . here is your new (to you) home in Olathe. You look thrilled!
 Learning how to sew from one of the best! 
On your 3 month birthday you spent the day meeting lots of great friends.  Everyone was so excited to see you!
Jan, your BFF Leighton and Avery all came over to see you.  Amy stopped by and you had so much fun with her you had to take a nap.  Jon, Liz and their boys stopped by to see you.  Liz has been not so patiently waiting to see you for a long time.  We also stopped by the quilt store to see Mrs. Ratz who had both of your parents in school.  She was my freshman English teacher and Sophomore AP US History teacher.  She was one of the best teachers ever!
 You had a blast meeting your Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Aaron and cousins Avery, Jocelyn and Connor.
You already love your Grandma and Papa!
I want to remember the feeling of you burying your head in my chest when you are tired and ready for a nap.  I love that you snuggle into me.
This month I really gained confidence in knowing I could calm you down.  I used to be really nervous or scared that you would start crying and that I wouldn't be able to calm you down but this month something just clicked.  I felt like I knew how you liked things so I was able to calm you down with confidence.  That made me really feel like your mom because I knew exactly how to hold you and what would work.
I want to remember the side eye and smile you give me.  It just melts me.  I wish I could get a good picture of it.
You have such personality already.  You are easy going, such a good sleeper and all around great baby.  I am so blessed to be your mama.  Can't wait to see what new things you will be up to next month (although if time would please slow down I wouldn't mind one bit).

Your Mama

Here is her one month blog post and two month blog post.

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