Thursday, April 14, 2016

Linnea is 9 Months Old!

I cannot believe you've been out in the world longer than you were in my belly.  These last 9 months have zoomed by (way faster than the first 9 months)!  You are MOBILE and doing new things every day.  It is so fun to watch you try new things.  My favorite thing this month is that you started hugging me.  Oh man!  It is THE. BEST.  You've started hugging your dad more too which he just loves.  You've had a pretty busy month learning new things!
I love that I can hear this picture :).

You finally had another well baby check up this month.  I think it is strange that you have them every two months until you reach 6 months and then right as you start eating solid foods they have you wait 3 months.  There are so many questions about feeding solid foods plus I was curious to see how much you gained!  You weighed 15 lbs 4 oz which is in the 8th percentile according to my phone or the 3rd percentile according to the doctor.  You might have dropped a little bit but she wasn't concerned at all.  You were 28 inches long which is in the 68th percentile.  Long and skinny!  Your head was 17.5 inches around which is in the 67th percentile.
 I have a feeling the next few monthly box pictures are going to be difficult!

You cried when the doctor looked in your ears and your mouth but when the nurse pricked your finger and squeezed it to fill up a tube with your blood you just watched and tried to touch the tube.  Silly girl!  You were a little iron deficient so I have to give you an iron supplement.  Why or why do they put caramel coloring in the iron supplement?  It just turns everything a caramel color!  UGH!  You aren't a fan of the iron but you manage to get it down during your breakfast so far.

We tried a few more table foods this month.  You love cheerios and puffs.  You don't really care for the yogurt that is freeze dried.  I don't blame you, they taste kind of strange.  I bought a few of the baby foods that had Lil' Bites of food in them and at first you did not like them and then you got used to them a little more and now you pretty much spit the chunks out.  We tried giving you cooked peas, carrots and corn for you to gnaw on since you still don't have teeth but you aren't too sure about them.  You seem to no longer hate avocados which is great news!  You've had some meat and potatoes and a few other table foods.  We blended up some of our meals a few times and you seem to like that as long as there aren't any big chunks.  I think you get that from me.  I don't like having something smooth and then all of a sudden finding a big chunk of food in it.  Which is probably why I like eating baby yogurt because then I know there isn't any "fruit on the bottom" chunks coming my way!

Your dad feeds you your solid food meals whenever he is with you during a meal.  I love getting a break and having him feed you and he loves getting that bonding time with you.  For some reason you typically sneeze at least once or twice during every meal time and it is usually into a spoonful of food or with a mouthful of food and then food goes everywhere.  Your dad is getting pretty good at knowing your sneeze face but you still surprise us sometimes.

For the most part your sleeping habits haven't changed that much.  You still take an hour nap in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and you sleep about 11-12 hours at night (depending on if we put you in bed late).  This month you figured out how to go from your belly to your bottom and once you did that you liked to practice that new skill during your nap time.  A few times you would play in your crib for 30-45 minutes before finally falling asleep.  You wouldn't fuss or cry you would just sit up, lay down, sit up, crawl around, clap for yourself, take off your socks, throw your paci, clap for yourself, etc before you would eventually fall asleep.
Sleeping babies are the cutest!  Also, notice your toes practically grabbing your pacifier.  Sometimes if you've thrown your paci out of the crib you will suck on your big toe.  That is gross and how is it comfortable?
 Notice your socks are off!
You also figured out how to go up on your knees and to your feet once in your crib so we make sure we put up the bar so your crib is a little higher.

Sometimes if you are taking a later nap I worry that you are going to sleep too long (yes, I know, I'm that mom but whatever) but more times than not you wake up right when you are supposed to.  I have no idea how we got so lucky in the sleep department but I am not complaining!

You skipped your morning nap one time this month and it didn't seem to faze you.  If you are around other kids (like at MOPS) or just out and about you have a hard time falling asleep.  You like to be in a crib by yourself (it could be at our house or you've napped several times at friends' houses) or you'll nap in the car.  You won't fall asleep if I am trying to rock you to sleep and other people are around.

We've been having you sleep in your tent when we travel.  We walked in during your nap time to find you had flipped the tent over.  It freaked me out but you were sleeping on mesh so I knew you could still breathe.  You've done it a few times now.  We need to figure out a good way to prevent you from doing that!

Clothes and Hair
You have grown out of most of your 6 month pants this month are wearing 9 month pants.  You can still fit into a few 6 month tops but I doubt you will for that much longer.
 This was a 3 month outfit that I never put on you so I had to throw it on you one day.  It still kind of fit.  Look how cute you are!

You are wearing size 3 Huggies Snug and Dry Ultra diapers but we've noticed they leak some of the absorbency beads :(.  We have a few Huggies Little Movers that we got as shower gifts and so far they are great.  Looks like we might be switching!

Your hair is starting to get longer on the top so it no longer sticks straight up.  I kind of miss your spiky hair.  Just means you are that much further away from your newborn days :(.
The top two pictures are when you were 6 months old and the bottom two are you at 9 months.  Notice how your poofy hair is laying nice and flat :(.

You are into EVERYTHING and most of the things are "not for you."  I didn't want to just keep saying "no", "no", "no" all the time so we decided to say "that's not for you . . ." and then sometimes we explain why you can't play with it and sometimes we just leave it at that.  Then we try to distract you with something else.  One day all you wanted was the carbon monoxide detector, your dad's computer cords and the recycling bin.
This video isn't super special but it shows how you played at this age which I think is fun to watch.

You still mostly army crawl on your forearms and knees but occasionally you'll go a little ways on your hands.

You love to read books by yourself but I have to make sure they belong to us since sometimes they are a little wet when you are done reading them.  You really like the touch and feel books!  I just ordered a few new ones.  I can't wait for them to come in!

You still love to play with your blocks and cups.  One of your favorite things this month is to dump out a basket with all your toys in it.

Your grandma gave you a toy with balls and you love holding the balls, clapping them together or throwing them across the room.
Most of the time we will find you playing while holding a block or the smallest stacking cup in your mouth.  It seems like since you aren't allowed to have your pacifier except at naps and bedtime you just decided to solve that problem on your own.

We had a few small boxes around the house this month and you love playing with them.  You like to open them, crawl on them and take things out of the box.

There is a fish on the wall in our bathroom and you found it this month.  You love to touch it on the way out the door.
Fishy, fish, fishers!
Not sure what this pose is all about but it made me laugh!

You love to talk.  You've been babbling and talking quite a bit this month.  Your dad and I often talk for your (to each other) but I'm curious what you will say once you can actually speak.
You only get to have your pacifier at naps and bedtime and in the car.  We've been trying to break your paci habit in the car unless you need it.  I apparently forgot to take it off your car seat and you found it while you were playing and decided to take advantage of it.  Silly girl!

Our Days
You LOVE to splash in the bathtub.  Your dad gives you your baths and he has been trying to get you to splash and this month you finally caught on.  The other day I walked in and your dad had the shower curtain pulled around him so when I walked in I could just see his feet stinking out.  Apparently, you figured out how to splash and you were getting everything wet so he pulled the shower curtain to protect the bathroom.  He was pretty wet by the time you finished with your bath.

You are definitely a mama's girl.  If you are tired or overwhelmed, I am the only one you want.  You will calm down instantly as soon as you are in my arms.  This does not always go over well with your dad.  He wants to be able to calm you down too.  You started showing a little bit of stranger danger this month but you will still go to others once you've warmed up to them.

We've been going to MOPs on Tuesday mornings.  You go to the daycare there which I think has been good for both of us.  Now we just need to figure out how to get you to nap while you are there.

I mowed the yard while you helped daddy grill plus you got to watch me which was pretty fun!

Activities and Outings
Whenever we are coming out of the store or the car if the sun starts to hit you in your eyes you squint and make a funny face.  You smile through it but you start breathing in and out quickly.  It is the cutest thing!
I usually put your car seat in the stroller when we go into stores.  It is easy to transfer you and the stroller has a nice big basket.  I decided to try putting you in the grocery cart.  This is how you preferred to ride when you weren't sucking on the handle of the cart.  The cart was harder to push than the stroller so that was the first and last time you rode in the cart so far!

We met Jan, Avery and Leighton at Deanna Rose.  You LOVED the baby goats.

We've been going to the park as much as we can.  You played in sand for the first time and didn't manage to eat any even though you tried!
This month I got my haircut.  She happened to have an opening at 10 am which is technically right in the middle of your morning nap time.  I was hoping you'd fall asleep on the way there or maybe while we were there.  Instead you watched me get my haircut for almost an entire hour.  You sat, in your car seat, just as happy as could be when you should have been napping.  You are a champ.

We've been going to Rhyme Time at the library at least once a week.  Once a month they have something called Baby Book Explorers.  You read a book (which you get to keep) and then you can go around the room and do different activities.  They have shaker eggs, a baby pool full of scarves, sensory water bottles, sensory bags, etc.  Your dad had Good Friday off work so he took you by himself this month.  I think you both had a great time!  I wish you could do more stuff like that with your dad.  If only there was a way he could stay home with you too sometimes (cough, cough, Swedish Parental Leave, cough).

Speaking of your dad, he put you in a tree.  See picture below . . .
You were not impressed.

We went to Wichita for a few days to spend time with your Grandparents, Aunt Annie and cousins Andrew and Nathan.  We had a great time!

Driving with her hands at 10 and 2  . . . and her mouth at 12 :).
 Happy Birthday Annie!

 Yes, we let you chew on sticks!

You went on a walk with your grandparents, cousins and aunt and did great . . . until you pulled into the driveway and realized I wasn't there.  Mama's girl :).

We got to spend the morning with my college roommates!  (We missed you Kelli!)

We celebrated Easter this month.  You only wore your Easter dress for about 30 minutes but you wore your Easter bunny pants a few times!

Easter with your cousin Paislee.  You guys are 2 months apart and I'm sure you will be great buddies!

It snowed on Easter morning.  You've seen snow a few times but you've never played in it.  We put you in it for a few minutes Easter morning.

 This is your "excited" face and sometimes your "the sun is in your eyes" face!

Firsts and New Skills
You can say "Mama" and "Dada."  If you are hurt or upset you will say "Mama."  It is the sweetest thing!  One morning you were playing with daddy and you smashed your finger.  You started crying and calling out "Mama" but I was in the other room sleeping.  Thankfully your dad was able to calm you down but he said it was really sad/sweet hearing you call out for me.

You can sit up on your bottom from your belly.  This was a game changer this month.  I feel like now you are able to go all over the place without needing me to help sit you up to play with things once you get to them.
The first time you did it was in the pack n play during your nap.  I was able to get you on video clapping for yourself.  It was so cute!  You did it several times before eventually folding in half and falling asleep (which is the middle picture).

You can also pull up to your knees.

And occasionally to your feet.
You said your first word other than "Mama" and "Dada."  Your first word was . . . "boof."  So technically that isn't a real word but it means something to you.  "Boof" is what you call a balloon.  You LOVE balloons.  However, now you call anything that is on the ceiling (a light, a fan, the chandelier) or up in the air (a kite or tree) a "boof."  Sometimes it sounds more like you are just blowing air out of your mouth. It is adorable!

I can stand you up next to the couch or a chair and you will stand for a while.  You like to pat and scratch whatever you are holding onto.  When you are done you will push yourself backwards and fall on your bottom.  You haven't tried moving your feet too much which is fine by me!

You often look at your feet when you are standing.  I guess you are trying to figure out what is going on! Ha!

I want to remember the night I walked in on your dad holding you after you were already asleep.   We had been working on painting your room so you were sleeping in a pack n play in our bathroom.  We used to come in and kiss you right before we would go to sleep.  Well, that was really hard to do with you in the pack n play.  Apparently he missed kissing you so he picked you up and held you for a little while and then laid you back down.  One time I tried kissing you on the head while he held you and you woke up.  It was like you knew your mama was there.  You started crying which meant I had to hold you to calm you down.  Bummer for me.

I want to remember how many times we call you a super champ.  We I often worry about things.  "What if we take you to the restaurant and it is too late and you freak out?"  "What if we aren't home to put you in bed and have to transfer you from the car seat?" "What if ____________ (any random scenario) and it doesn't go well?"  Guess what, it has always gone well.  We have yet to have a time, that I can remember, where we tried something with you and it didn't go over well.  So we call you our Super Champ!

(This one is kind of strange.) I want to remember the way you wave my nursing pad around while you nurse.  You found it several months ago and now every time you nurse you pull it out.  You wave it around and it looks like someone waving a white flag.  It cracks me up!

I want to remember your hugs.  The way you wrap your little arms around my neck and just grab and pull me in.  The. Best. Feeling. Ever!
We love you so much sweet girl!  Thanks for being awesome, but mostly, thanks for being ours!
Your Mama

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