Monday, May 9, 2016

A Day In The Life

*Side note; I added a tab at the top of the blog called #JanzensInSweden.  All of the blog posts specifically about Sweden/Stockholm can be found there.

I LOVE reading other "A Day In The Life" posts.  I did one while we were living in Sweden and I've wanted to do one to remember what these days were like and I finally got around to it.  Here was a normal Thursday!  Enjoy!

My alarm goes off at 7:15.  Jake wakes Linnea up (if she isn't already talking to herself in her crib) and put lotion on her and gets her dressed.  I lay out her clothes the night before.  Jake used to pick them out but I missed being able to pick out her clothes and Jake finally admitted that he didn't like picking them out so win-win!

I listen to Jake talk to Linnea over the monitor.  It is the sweetest thing.  Jake also likes to use sleepy Linnea to his advantage and steals a few cuddles from her.  Once she is ready for me Linnea will say (through Jake speaking in a high pitched voice) "Mama, food time!  Food time, Mama!  Mama, where are you?  Come feed me!  Food time!"  This might be my favorite part of the day.  I walk in to a smiling girl!  We tried to get it on video but it didn't work so I'll try again another time.

Guess who forgot to set out her clothes?  Oh bummer . . . I had to nurse a naked baby! (Don't worry, she was wearing a diaper.) There are worse things to do first thing in the morning :).
We had a play date first thing this morning so I hopped in the shower while Linnea played in this seat.  I think our days are limited where this seat will still keep her entertained.  She loves to move around and being confined is no longer going over well.  But I'm going to keep using it as long as I can!
 Morning selfie!  I have no idea where to look but Linnea is excited about it!
 That is better!

 We both had breakfast.  Oatmeal squares for me and oatmeal with fruit mixed in for Linnea.
 Not a fan of getting in her car seat . . .
 Play date at Faltermeier's house!  
Linnea played for a while and then it was nap time.  Play dates are hard because morning naps always get in the way.  However . . . when Miles (Molly's youngest little boy) lets Linnea nap in his bed during our play date the moms get to keep talking!  Linnea has napped several times at Molly's house (or whoever else's house we might be at for a play date in the morning).
I met Molly at K-State.  She is awesome!  I can't say enough about this girl.  We like to hang out on a regular basis (like the summer I watched my nieces) and then sometimes we go 2-3 YEARS without seeing each other.  That is not my favorite but I love that even if we haven't seen each other in years we can pick up right where we left off.  We don't worry about why we haven't seen each other or who dropped the ball we just pick up right where we left off.  I sure love this girl and her heart for others and for God.  She is just the best!  She is an awesome mom and I love seeing her with her boys.  She is definitely a role model for me and she is just an encouragement along the way!  Thanks for letting us play!

After Molly's house we headed to Walmart to pick up the groceries I ordered online a few days before!  Online grocery ordering is AWESOME!  I did it several times though HyVee and either had it delivered or picked it up.  Now Walmart is starting to do it and I hopped on the chance to do it!
There was a $30 minimum for your order but then it was free to pick up your groceries.  They called me about 30 minutes before my pick up time (which is an hour time slot) and they encouraged me to call when I was 15 minutes away.  Once I get there I call the number on the sign and they bring out my groceries.  It was awesome!  I am definitely going to use this service again!

After we got home Linnea nursed for about 10 minutes.
Cute baby legs!
Linnea loved taking so many selfies.  Apparently we hadn't taken many but she loved seeing herself on my phone.

This girl loves her books!

Jake usually comes home for lunch.  It is awesome!  I really miss him the adult conversation when he doesn't come home for lunch.  He has taken over feeding Linnea solid food which is great!
  Linnea has the best dad!

 Time for a diaper change and to suck out her nose.  Sorry for the tmi but the NoseFrida is awesome and not nearly as gross as I thought it would be prebaby.  The NoseFrida is actually Swedish and we bought ours in Sweden and it came with a case!
Running a low grade fever :(.  I keep thinking it is her teeth but she still doesn't have any.
 I might have taken a nap during her nap . . .
We are going to remodel our kitchen and I used some of her nap time to do a little planning.  How did we ever plan anything before Pinterest?
Linnea usually naps from about 1:30-3:30.  Sometimes she goes down a bit later and occasionally she will sleep more than 2 hours but for the most part it is about 2 hours.  She wakes up happy, so very happy.  If she wakes up crying then you know she isn't quite ready to be up.  Occasionally I have to wake her up so that we can go do something and she wakes up happy as can be then too.  She will often grab her paci for a few more sucks but then I'll take it out and leave it in her crib and she is good to go.  She might put her head on my shoulder for a couple of seconds and then she is up.

Here she is after she woke up.  (No idea what the noise is in the video.  She has a noise machine going in her room so I'm guessing it was picked up funny on the camera.)

After her nap she nurses and then plays.
She loves reading books to herself, especially if they have holes or touch and feel parts in the book.

Can I work out too mom?  Sure Linnea, you might even get more out of it than I do :).
What the living room usually looks like or worse.

Daddy's home!

Linnea helps me cook by playing in her drawer in the kitchen.
Jake feeds her lunch and dinner to give me a break.  He is getting pretty good at eating left handed.
Sorry about the mess on the floor mom!
Peek-A-Boo with her bib!
Jake gives Linnea a bath while I clean up the kitchen.  She LOVES to splash!
Jake read her a few books and then she nursed and went to bed.

I called Amy to come over and give us her opinion on the kitchen remodeling project.  My friend Jan was there too and I have a picture of her but I think if I want to remain friends I shouldn't post it.  Love you Janathan!

I think we finally came up with a few good ideas for the kitchen.  Now we just need to pick one and start working on it!

I started keeping a daily journal when we moved to Stockholm.  I like to write just a few things down each day.  This year I decided to start a journal that would hold 5 years in it so I could see what we did on that day in the past.  I've been copying my journal from last year because I thought it would be fun to see what I was doing in my pregnancy and once Linnea was born.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into our day.  Time is already flying by with Linnea so I know I'll be thankful later when I can look back and see what we did on a normal day.

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